About Us

Beْكُن is brought to you by WellB where you will have a free space to reconnect & start your self discovery journey in its optimum state.

Joining our Beْكُن programs is a way of getting yourself a gift that keeps on giving. Everything you will be exposed to in our online program whether from workshops, tools, experience will resonate with you now and will create the awareness you need for now and for your future self to keep on growing and becoming the person you were meant to be.

Our technique is different than the one on one therapy consultations. Therapy asks many questions and it takes time for you to find the answers.

At Beْكُن we know that sometimes we just want to feel better NOW; we work with the therapists and coaches to create detailed and easy to follow programs that will give you the answers and tools to many questions you may have with the support of our team, the knowledge from the experts and the bonding of a community of humans going through the same experience as you.