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Be True to Yourself

Be True to Yourself

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"Be True to Yourself" is designed to help you get to know your true self better and deeply connect to yourself and to what it is you truly want for your life. 

Start Date: March 1
Duration: 10 Days

Live Workshops:
March 1, 6pm - 9pm Cairo Time
March 9, 6pm - 9pm Cairo Time

    Expert: Imane Tarkhan, PsyD

    Dr. Imane Tarkhan is a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist with 20 years of experience in the field. She is the founder of The Counseling Unit for Psychological Development; an outpatient unit for psychological services that was founded in 2011.

    Dr. Tarkhan is also an Adjunct Professor of Psychology at The American University in Cairo. She earned her Doctorate Degree in Clinical Psychology from Southern California University for Professional Studies. She also Completed her Post Graduate Certification in Existential Humanistic Psychotherapy from The Existential Humanistic Institute, CA. Dr. Tarkhan is specialized in treating individuals who are struggling with anxiety disorders, mood disorders, self-esteem problems, life related issues, burnout and bipolar Disorders.

     By the end of this program you will be able to :

    • Control your negative thought process and not let it affect you or control you.  
    • Attract into your life relationships that are based on love, respect, fairness and mutual support.
    • Express what you want and need and put appropriate boundaries with the outside world. 
    • Pinpoint your emotion and express it in a constructive way. 
    • Be more self-reflective and less absent from your inner self. 
    • Be more self-protective and self-accepting.
    • Practice regular, healthy self-care. 
    • Practice better, more positive self-soothing techniques to release negative emotions privately. 
    • Become the best possible friend of yourself. 
    • Free yourself from some fears and not let them control you.

    Who is the program for?

    • If your fears are stopping you from living your most authentic life
    • If your mind is always programmed towards negativity
    • If you're going through a midlife crisis
    • If you're dealing with anxiety as a by product of not being yourself for years
    • If you're at a crossroads in your life 
    • If you deal with decision making problems
    • If you're consumed by guilt
    • If you're a people's pleaser
    • If you're burnt out
    • If you want to get to know your true self to live a fulfilling life 

    Topics to be discussed in the workshop:

    • Who Am I? The surface Self & The Deeper Self
    • What Is An Ego?
    • What is An Ego Identity?
    • Ego Enhancers
    • The Ego Identity Vs. The Authentic Self
    • Using Presence to Connect to the Authentic Self.
    • Distortions of the True Self
    • Difference between Fear and Anxiety
    • The voice of Fear
    • Guilt and Pleasing the Outside World
    • The Voice of Guilt
    • Healing from Distortions to Be Able to Connect with The True Self.


    • Starts: March 1, 2023
    • 10 Day Online Program
    • 2 Live Online Workshops
    • Q&A Sessions With Therapist
    • Daily tools & Activities
    • This program supports anonymous attendance, without impact to the program experience
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