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Be You Again

Be You Again

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Starting Over: Heal Your Heart and Find Love Again

For both single and married people, trying to heal a broken heart and move past the pain of lost love can be challenging and confusing. It sometimes feels like you’re not ‘you’ anymore. This program will help you understand what’s going on inside of you, how to be whole again and create a new life filled with love, joy and peace.

Expert: Lilly S. Mohsen

Certified ICF Relationship Coach
Certified ICI Coach in UK
Author of the self help book “Live Your Story”
Certified NLP practitioner with an advanced Diploma in Islamic Psychology

Start Date: 23rd of January 2023
Duration: 10 Days

Who is it for:

- If you're considering divorce and want to give your marriage another try
- If you're single and feel unfulfilled or incomplete on your own
- If you just got out of a relationship and need help moving on 
- If you're looking for a new relationship and want to make sure you attract the right ONE
- If you're married and unhappy
- If you're trying to heal from a breakup
- If you simply want to get to know yourself so you can live a fulfilled life.


Topics to be discussed in the workshop:

- The Pain of a Broken Heart is Real
- Stages Of Grief
- Coping Strategies and Blind Spots
- How men and women deal with breakups
- Attachment Styles
- Signs your healing journey is incomplete
- Know your triggers, core wounds and fears
- The Four Healing Emotions
- Facts Vs Opinions: Tell your story
- The Three Cures for Heartbreak
- Say Goodbye: The Love Letter technique
- Challenges we Face when Starting Over
- Building Trust and Restoring Confidence
- Understanding the Five Emotional Needs
- Understand your Pattern: Why We Attract the Wrong Person
- The Three Phases of Every Romantic Relationship
- Two Steps Forward, One Step Back: What Healing Really Is
- The Twelve Love Tanks
- Resistance: The Garden and the Three Childhood Messages

At The End Of These Ten Days….

  • You’ll be able to identify patterns in your relationships and use them to make a positive change.
  • You will learn the most advanced relationship science in existence today and how to use it to find and sustain love.
  • You’ll uncover the inner mechanisms of letting go and starting over after a breakup, loss or trauma.
  • Discover how to heal a broken heart regardless of what kind of loss you’re suffering.
  • Rediscover who you are, including your strengths, triggers and core wounds.
  • Create a life filled with love and success whether you’re single or in a relationship.
  • Get your questions answered privately by relationship experts.
  • Life Long access to science-based and tried relationship toolkits.
  • Guaranteed roadmap for building stronger, more fulfilling connections.
The 10 Day Online Program Includes:

2 Live Online Workshops
2 Group Q&A Sessions with the Expert
Daily Feel Good Habit Tracker
Daily Science-Driven tools + human support
Daily Checkins and group discussions/moderation
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